Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We want YOU!!!

Ever wonder what it would be like to work with us?
Things are heating up big time at The Goat Franchise,We have a book coming out in November
The pitchfork Diaries a new story each Monday and emails and forums don't get us started it's a tornado of absolute insanity and to add to the overall orgy of a nightmare poor Stacy has to put up with me!
Am I complaining? NO WAY!!!!
But would I love to find an individual or 2 who wants to be a part of The Goat Franchise? YES
First thing first Stacy is the boss and will remain the boss
You will be taking orders from her if that is an issue please move along :)
What we want
100% dedication
At least 20 hours a week
Work on commission only with the possability of gaining a contract if we are satisfied.
Faith in the project is a must!
You will be asked to sign a moral and confidentiality clause.
This is very serious and could turn out to be a huge opportunity!
If you are interested contact me on twitter @Jakebannerman or email me at Jake@familyofdog.com
Website experience a plus
If you are a hot chick that helps lolol
Thanks and let's work together!
Blessed are the sick,


  1. I'd love to work with you guys, day job & writing eat all my time though! I'll shout from the rooftops (or twitter & FB) for you.

    Loved "Licking the Nails of the Crucifix." This one was more Stephen King than Rob Zombie, going with the "less is more" approach, but creepy as hell nonetheless. I'm enjoying being along for this ride :)