Saturday, February 18, 2012



The silence was broken with the crash of 3 corpses dropped on the white table cloth from what must have been a thousand feet above as the table and all of the candles and dinnerware busted and shattered in slow motion as the bodies fall in separate places on top of the busted ivory, the bodies burnt and still smoldering the pink flesh blackened with streaks of blood crossing their beautiful curves as if they had been whipped before they had been enslaved by flame. the smoke rising smelled of death a suffering never been written nor felt  like a crucifixion these souls had been dropped off in hell for vacation before they met true death. the overwhelming urges still grew inside of him he was rushed with the desire to fornicate with the burn victims he had never felt a rush of desire like this before he wanted to ejaculate on each of them in a mad rush of orgasmic  frenzy.

his eyes wide open the white room now cluttered with shards of burnt flesh and the macabre artwork of blood stains amid the feathers and white shattered ivory as he removed his clothes to feel the dusk of sex on his skin the cold raping his senses his body aflame with senses as he lie down flesh to flesh with the body Julie her name carved in her neck

right above a very small compass pointed north with logistics stating the corpse was of Canadian descent his eyes wandered onto the 

Return to Sender

So the work is officially underway on the second book in the Family of Dog series is underway! I will be blogging the progress here all the way, and this is the only place you can get the official straight from the author info.keep checking back for the most up to date info and exclusive excerpts!
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Welcome to the Doghouse!!

Well its been awhile since I have been here but lots of new news! First off thanks to everyone who has visited almost 13,000 since march!
Pitchfork 2 is coming along awesome and is going to be a double release as I have decided to add "Don't Rape the Hand that feeds You" so at last count the book is sitting at about 300 pages and I am still adding! A great new line up of stories thst crush the first Pitchfork as well as every interview/ guest post/ review as well as some unreleased stuff Luke the editing notes and left overs from Harvest you have never seen and the flyers we passed out that got us kicked out of churches! It's going to kick ass!
Also I have found my partner in crime to co author Family of Dog : Return to Sender and trust me she is Awesome!!
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Friday, February 3, 2012


Ok everyone, so I gave out free copies of Harvest all month. Hope you grabbed your copy. The free copies are now gone. But fear not we have 2 books coming out in the next 6 months! On St.Patty's day Pitchfork 2 hits the world in the mouth and trust me if you thought Pitchfork 1 was good oh buckle it up buttercup! Then we have "Dont Rape the hand that Feeds you" on July 4th a comprehensive look into The Goat Franchise including never before seen interviews, guest post as well as hand written notes on all of the books we have released as well as a sneak peak into upcoming books including K-13 as well as Family of Dog 2 :Return to Sender. Dont Rape the hand will only be available to a limited amount of people and will only ba available though The Goat Franchise by pre order only so keep your eye on the blog for more info as it is available!