The Pitchfork Diaries

Volume One is now available to buy at Smashwords. Early feedback has been glowing with praise!

You can also now pick up a copy at Amazon in eBook format, and the print version is coming soon.

For those of you who are Nook affecianados, stay tuned - it's in the works, and will be with you soon!

"Unexpected and brilliant!"
"A brilliant story of brutal misguided love."
"Jake leaves no stone unturned. He attacks any subject matter that his mind lays purchase to and weaves a brilliant story."
"I think all the stories were of a high standard, and quite frankly a lot better than some of the other more, so called, 'more established' authors I have read."
"I found it very atmospheric. The violence and mystery was very appealing."

From Scott at Anything Horror
"You’ll eat up Bannerman’s stories and be amazed that he consistently explores areas that most writers stay away from.  His unique approach to storytelling will have you thinking about his works long after turning the page on them. These stories haven’t been written just so Bannerman can prove how “extreme” he can be. These stories draw their shock and depravity from the content Bannerman is writing about and the message he’s trying to convey.  Don’t miss this anthology!!"

From Phil Fasso at Death Ensemble
"This and all the stories to follow are unrelenting, without a hint of sunshine to tell you that you’re safe in this world.   It’s a grim view of reality, fueled by acts of desecration against humanity.  Fortunately, the stories and poems are only a few pages each, sustaining their violent energy only so long before offering the reader a well-deserved sanity break. Reading Bannerman’s stories is the literary equivalent of listening to death metal band Cannibal Corpse while someone kicks you in the teeth.  It’s extremist in both content and execution, for only the bravest or most depraved of souls.  Enter at your own risk."

Have you read the Pitchfork Diaries yet? If so, let us know what you think!