Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pitchfork Titles

I thought it would be cool to list the titles of the stories in The Pitchfork Diaries as I close in on having all of the stories written and I hope you guys are as excited as I am about this!!

1. Juden
2. The Scarecrows Lament
3. To Walk the Path of Maggots
4. The Pain Principle
5.Under the Last Domino
6. Lullaby of Rape
7. Born of The Flickering
8. The Stillborn Divine
9. Becoming
10. Packaging Hell
11. 900 to 1
12. Heart of The Locust
13. Coffin Sex
14. The Guts of Christ
15. The Seed of Abortion
16. Burnt wings of an Angel*
17.The Devils Kiss*
18. Chaotic Angel*
19.The Stench of Mother Sleep*
20. The Burning Hand*
21. The Blessing of The Ashes*
 3 more stories and 4 more short burst ( i am not using the word poems!) I have been writing my ass off for you all I thank all of you for the awesome support!

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  1. Hey Jake - looking like you have been seriously busy! Just wanted to check in - I will get round to a really big read tomorrow. Not been in the right head-space today, plus I do a blog hop on weekends which take up ridiculous amounts of time - feel free to link up btw - you're creative after all ;D

    Bet ya getting all excited for publication?

    Be interested to see what you think of my short bursts (2 short poems in light of UK riots - complete with some pretty awful examples of criminal parenting! :D) here actually. Shah X