Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Family

Hey Crue!
Well for those who are paying close attention, And I know you are.
So as it happens to be in the life of Jake Bannerman right as we were about to launch a massive press explosion for The Pitchfork Diaries we loose a family member in The Goat Franchise.
We are saddened to announce the departure of Stacy Diablo from the family due to the expansion of her own business in Dublin she just did not have the time to devote and we parted the best of friends and ALL of us here at The Goat Franchise wish her the best in ALL of her future endeavors She launched The FOD further than we ever could have hoped for!
 In light of this you might have seen some changes to the Family page here on the blog and let me tell you something right now we have 3 count them 3 authors who are devoting their very valuable time to the Family of Dog/Goat Franchise and they are HELLBENT on success and they share the tenacity I have for this.
Welcome Kate who has been with us for quite sometime now and handles all of my final edits as well as The Pitchfork and Harvest blogs. If you want to add your banner to the blog you can contact her, Kate can also take your request if you want to be a Beta/Test reader for any of The Family of Dog releases.BTW Kate is monster sexy and is very protective of me and I love her so easy big boys lol.
Also welcome Bailey (Ghost Writer/Editor) who has been with me since day one of this project and has been a close friend for 10 years and I give her massive credit for the beauty of the writing along with Kate they edit my writing which is a terrifying butchery of the English language when they receive it. Bailey took The Harvest from Coal to diamond and is my amazing friend. Now Bailey is not to involved in day to day operations but would be more than happy to talk to you if you wish to contact her you can reach her at and if you want an interview with her contact Alys!
Alys has just joined the group and is what I term my Press bunny, She handles ALL interviews from any website newspaper radio station podcast etc as well as being an accomplished author she brings me down to earth when i get to insane. If you want to talk to ME or Bailey you have to contact Alys and she will get you hooked up and she is hot just so you know. And if Kate does not kill you first Alys will take you down she is my protector.
And Saran now this is a BIG one Saran handles ALL things book tour related! If you want to schedule a guest blog or if you need a promo kit Press release regarding releases or info on the inner workings of The Goat Franchise she is the gal to get ahold of, This can be a little confusing she is the one who gets me to write on your blog and she will provide you with sell sheets and info on where you can purchase the books and how to add us to your book tour. She will not be handling INTERVIEWS all INTERVIEW inquiries need to go to ALYS!
We know this is unconventional and NOT how most publishing groups work however there is a reason for what we do so bare with us and our unconventional ways, We kinda do what WE like to do and do not concern ourselves with what others do :)
We have some crazy s**t about to go down with the new press blitz you are going to be seeing us all over the place as we prepare for the launch of The Pitchfork Diaries, I can say as of now I have 14 guest blogs and interviews lined up and that's just the beginning!
 So welcome thew beautiful Gals of The Goat Franchise get ready to see us all over the place!
Six Six Sex.

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  1. Can I just make it clear that 'big boys' are VERY welcome to email me... ;p