Friday, August 5, 2011

Let me say I'm sorry and teach you how to say FUCK YOU

Hey Crue,
I knew at some point I would have to write this I just did not know it would be so early,so here we go.
There seems to be some confusion on why I keep my identity a secret and why there are no pictures of me. Let me tell you why. I am hated and you will be hated if you show any support
This is a fact! I keep the emails non public but I knew the hate would start coming out publicly and it has just jump on over to Get Fanged's Facebook and you will see.
Now this does not bother me at ALL,however I do not EVER want any of you to take shit for supporting me so I wanted to teach you a phrase I like to use when people think they have the right to criticize FICTION let's all say it together now
Go fuck yourself!
Until you have a valid criticism you do not matter and if it is valid thank you and it will be addressed ( notice I say nothing to the 2 on Facebook one of whom follows me on twitter lolol ) so please be careful people want me dead for real and get this, the book is not even out yet!
Blessed are the Sick!

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