Thursday, August 11, 2011

Get Fanged Dark Media City and Horror Mania!

So I have 3 amazing sites who are supporting me and I am on all 3 of them!
I encourage all of you to visit and JOIN!!!
These people just like me depend on you so support them please.
Each of the sites have a different feel and a crowd of their own it's a great way to meet kick ass people from all over!
Now to adress the people who are upset about the support I am getting and yes I know you are out there :) people are talking and making this support happen and the book is not even out yet and The Family of Dog is strong and getting stronger you can either continue to whine and bitch or do Something about it though I doubt you have the balls since all of your crying goes on behind my back cowards, so keep on crying while we march over your weak ass and until you grow a pair and speak to me we will continue to ignore you for being insignificant.
Please let us know when your balls arrive
Sex Satan Sacrifice!

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