Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hey Crue!
So I was thinking oh I don't know over the last few months about why it is so quiet here on the blog and I came across a reason I had not thought of before and I think I may be onto something here.
As usual I think I am my own worst enemy because I have used this blog to let out frustration
And I'm afraid maybe I have givin myself a reputation.
So I'm hoping the few of you who actually "know" me will help me :)
And let me explain a few things
I am overly friendly and to trusting Stacy hates this!
I am very laid back VERY
I am not violent that takes energy I might have to sweat or something,
I am and I won't break my arm patting myself on the back here but I consider myself funny
I love to entertain which is odd because I love being alone but give me an audience and I will win them over!
I also have a serious passion for my work I do not ever plan to be the guy who does nothing I have 3 partners in this and it is my goal for them to say Jake is a freak show he works harder than anyone!
That is what gets me in trouble because I am so fired up and I want everyone else to be excited and my excitement turns to frustration and I look like a big assmunch
So can we start again? I would love for you to post on the blog you can even call me an assmunch :)


  1. I think everything above is true, honey... love you, assmunch!

    Kate x

  2. LOL You tell him, Kate. ;-) Yes, you're a sweetheart and yes we love you to have a veritable harem of sexy women who are at your beck & call. Everyone else should be so lucky... ;-)

    Stay Sexy,
    Stacy D.

  3. Well, I'll round out the family commenting. You, my dear friend, are the shit. Seriously, I have never seen such a plethora of mind-fuck ideas and it is awesome! Perhaps it isn't that your reputation is scaring off the people, maybe- just maybe- they realize how inadequate they are compared to the brilliance of J.B. Or they are a bunch of bitches. Come on, prove me wrong. I dare you....

  4. Of all the people who should hate me the most it's you 3 after all the work I dump on you and the fits I throw lol I can't do it without you and I hope all of you know you are loved and carry a special place in my heart..........wait my maggot infested pierced by an inverted cross on fire heart, that's better and I hope we all end up in a big bed together !