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An introduction!

Hey guys,

So, as  Jake mentioned in the previous post, there have been a few changes here at the Family of Dog HQ of late. We're all sorry to see Stacy go, but Alys and Saran are superb additions to the family and I know we're all going to have a hell of a lot of fun together!

And on that note, I'm really excited to announce that over the coming month, we're going to be welcoming guest contributors to the blog. Are you someone who is involved in the world of horror? Are you an author, an artist, a publisher, or do you maybe run a website about all things horror? If so, we'd love to hear from you.

If you'd be interested in guesting on the blog, then please email me with what it is that you do and your Twitter name and website (if applicable). Let me know what you'd like to talk about - as you can probably guess, here at the Family of Dog we go further than anyone else. Nothing is too gruesome, nothing is too extreme - I love to be scared, so give it your best shot!

Feel free to email me or Jake at any time or catch up with us on Twitter or at my blog sites - we'd love to hear from you, and don't forget to keep your eyes peeled here for all the amazing guests we've got coming up.

And most importantly - the release of the Pitchfork Diaries is just two months away! Tell everyone you know, and prepare yourself for the ride of your life...

Kate x

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Family

Hey Crue!
Well for those who are paying close attention, And I know you are.
So as it happens to be in the life of Jake Bannerman right as we were about to launch a massive press explosion for The Pitchfork Diaries we loose a family member in The Goat Franchise.
We are saddened to announce the departure of Stacy Diablo from the family due to the expansion of her own business in Dublin she just did not have the time to devote and we parted the best of friends and ALL of us here at The Goat Franchise wish her the best in ALL of her future endeavors She launched The FOD further than we ever could have hoped for!
 In light of this you might have seen some changes to the Family page here on the blog and let me tell you something right now we have 3 count them 3 authors who are devoting their very valuable time to the Family of Dog/Goat Franchise and they are HELLBENT on success and they share the tenacity I have for this.
Welcome Kate who has been with us for quite sometime now and handles all of my final edits as well as The Pitchfork and Harvest blogs. If you want to add your banner to the blog you can contact her Kate@familyofdog.com, Kate can also take your request if you want to be a Beta/Test reader for any of The Family of Dog releases.BTW Kate is monster sexy and is very protective of me and I love her so easy big boys lol.
Also welcome Bailey (Ghost Writer/Editor) who has been with me since day one of this project and has been a close friend for 10 years and I give her massive credit for the beauty of the writing along with Kate they edit my writing which is a terrifying butchery of the English language when they receive it. Bailey took The Harvest from Coal to diamond and is my amazing friend. Now Bailey is not to involved in day to day operations but would be more than happy to talk to you if you wish to contact her you can reach her at bailey@familyofdog.com and if you want an interview with her contact Alys!
Alys has just joined the group and is what I term my Press bunny, She handles ALL interviews from any website newspaper radio station podcast etc as well as being an accomplished author she brings me down to earth when i get to insane. If you want to talk to ME or Bailey you have to contact Alys and she will get you hooked up and she is hot just so you know. And if Kate does not kill you first Alys will take you down she is my protector.
And Saran now this is a BIG one Saran handles ALL things book tour related! If you want to schedule a guest blog or if you need a promo kit Press release regarding releases or info on the inner workings of The Goat Franchise she is the gal to get ahold of, This can be a little confusing she is the one who gets me to write on your blog and she will provide you with sell sheets and info on where you can purchase the books and how to add us to your book tour. She will not be handling INTERVIEWS all INTERVIEW inquiries need to go to ALYS!
We know this is unconventional and NOT how most publishing groups work however there is a reason for what we do so bare with us and our unconventional ways, We kinda do what WE like to do and do not concern ourselves with what others do :)
We have some crazy s**t about to go down with the new press blitz you are going to be seeing us all over the place as we prepare for the launch of The Pitchfork Diaries, I can say as of now I have 14 guest blogs and interviews lined up and that's just the beginning!
 So welcome thew beautiful Gals of The Goat Franchise get ready to see us all over the place!
Six Six Sex.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Pagan Spirits: When Sex Meets Evil - Guest Post by Jake Bannerman...

Pagan Spirits: When Sex Meets Evil - Guest Post by Jake Bannerman...: Erin O'Riordan's Note : Jake is a 19+ author of extreme horror/erotica. I haven't read Jake's work yet, so when I was introduced to him thro...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Regarding the upcoming storm

Tattoo this on your foreheads so when you look into the mirror after passing judgment you will be reminded.
Jake Bannerman nor any individual associated with The Goat Franchise/Family of Dog/Pitchfork Diaries DO NOT IN ANY WAY
Conodone rape,torture,murder,molestation,necrophelia,cannibalism,harm to women or children,racism,bigotry,The KKK,Nazis,circus clowns on acid, turtles with machine guns or the peircing of any genatelia!
We are about to get accused of the worst atrocities known to man and I am making this statement here and NOW my writing is FICTION!!!!!
I feel better.....

Monday, August 15, 2011

Dark Media City interview and who wants a Pitchfork?!?!

Hey Crüe,
Well the Dark Media interview is up and live Here you go! http://t.co/I9pdszk
It's more of a psychological questionsire it was a lot of fun!
Secondly I need ten beta readers for The Pitchfork Diaries!
You read it tell us what you think and you get it before anyone else does!
If you are interested email Kate@familyofdog.com

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Playboy radio!!!

Yes yes the rumors are true!
I did accept my lifelong goddess pornstars invitation to call into her show on The Playboy Radio Network and I went world wide with my brain of frozen and yea so epic fail lol but I talked to Christy Canyon! OMG OMG!!! I'm giddy
Sex Satan Sacrifice!

Friday, August 12, 2011


Hey Crue!
Well another killer addition to spreading the word about The Family of Dog and The Pitchfork Diares!
This blog is now connected to the Indie Horror blog network!
This is awesome news we are not networked with a bunch of killer horror writers and fans alike!
Make sure to check Indie Horror out and visit my page.
Now we are going to have many new guest let's keep our rooms clean ok?
Sex Satan Sacrifice!

FAMILY OF DOG:THE HARVEST الحمقى إلهكم ميت: Pitchfork Titles

FAMILY OF DOG:THE HARVEST الحمقى إلهكم ميت: Pitchfork Titles: "I thought it would be cool to list the titles of the stories in The Pitchfork Diaries as I close in on having all of the stories written and..."

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pitchfork Titles

I thought it would be cool to list the titles of the stories in The Pitchfork Diaries as I close in on having all of the stories written and I hope you guys are as excited as I am about this!!

1. Juden
2. The Scarecrows Lament
3. To Walk the Path of Maggots
4. The Pain Principle
5.Under the Last Domino
6. Lullaby of Rape
7. Born of The Flickering
8. The Stillborn Divine
9. Becoming
10. Packaging Hell
11. 900 to 1
12. Heart of The Locust
13. Coffin Sex
14. The Guts of Christ
15. The Seed of Abortion
16. Burnt wings of an Angel*
17.The Devils Kiss*
18. Chaotic Angel*
19.The Stench of Mother Sleep*
20. The Burning Hand*
21. The Blessing of The Ashes*
 3 more stories and 4 more short burst ( i am not using the word poems!) I have been writing my ass off for you all I thank all of you for the awesome support!

Get Fanged Dark Media City and Horror Mania!

So I have 3 amazing sites who are supporting me and I am on all 3 of them!
I encourage all of you to visit and JOIN!!!
These people just like me depend on you so support them please.
Each of the sites have a different feel and a crowd of their own it's a great way to meet kick ass people from all over!
Now to adress the people who are upset about the support I am getting and yes I know you are out there :) people are talking and making this support happen and the book is not even out yet and The Family of Dog is strong and getting stronger you can either continue to whine and bitch or do Something about it though I doubt you have the balls since all of your crying goes on behind my back cowards, so keep on crying while we march over your weak ass and until you grow a pair and speak to me we will continue to ignore you for being insignificant.
Please let us know when your balls arrive
Sex Satan Sacrifice!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hey Crue!
So I was thinking oh I don't know over the last few months about why it is so quiet here on the blog and I came across a reason I had not thought of before and I think I may be onto something here.
As usual I think I am my own worst enemy because I have used this blog to let out frustration
And I'm afraid maybe I have givin myself a reputation.
So I'm hoping the few of you who actually "know" me will help me :)
And let me explain a few things
I am overly friendly and to trusting Stacy hates this!
I am very laid back VERY
I am not violent that takes energy I might have to sweat or something,
I am and I won't break my arm patting myself on the back here but I consider myself funny
I love to entertain which is odd because I love being alone but give me an audience and I will win them over!
I also have a serious passion for my work I do not ever plan to be the guy who does nothing I have 3 partners in this and it is my goal for them to say Jake is a freak show he works harder than anyone!
That is what gets me in trouble because I am so fired up and I want everyone else to be excited and my excitement turns to frustration and I look like a big assmunch
So can we start again? I would love for you to post on the blog you can even call me an assmunch :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Behind Scarecrow

I have been asked to give a behind the scene look at Scarecrow.
"The Scarecrows Lament" has outsold All of my short stories by a longshot and I've been told it is the best representation of my writing,that's cool!
So a little background info, I always start with a title always!
Scarecrow reminded me of a song title Opeth might use loved the sound of it
Truth is I just start with no idea what is going to come out the first idea was to have a mentally retarded girl kill people to make scarecrows out of them it just was not enough so I added what those who have read it to know as daddy's little secret.
As any of the short stories this may become a full length novel at some point.
I am really glad you all like it,
Sex Satan Sacrafice!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Let me say I'm sorry and teach you how to say FUCK YOU

Hey Crue,
I knew at some point I would have to write this I just did not know it would be so early,so here we go.
There seems to be some confusion on why I keep my identity a secret and why there are no pictures of me. Let me tell you why. I am hated and you will be hated if you show any support
This is a fact! I keep the emails non public but I knew the hate would start coming out publicly and it has just jump on over to Get Fanged's Facebook and you will see.
Now this does not bother me at ALL,however I do not EVER want any of you to take shit for supporting me so I wanted to teach you a phrase I like to use when people think they have the right to criticize FICTION let's all say it together now
Go fuck yourself!
Until you have a valid criticism you do not matter and if it is valid thank you and it will be addressed ( notice I say nothing to the 2 on Facebook one of whom follows me on twitter lolol ) so please be careful people want me dead for real and get this, the book is not even out yet!
Blessed are the Sick!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Getting Fucking Fanged!!!

Ok Crue!
Get Fanged the social network with Bite has added us as a partner and will be doing a spotlight and an interview with me very soon!
My favorite thing about them is Get Fanged drips with sexuality it is an awesome community for the motto Sex Satan Sacrifice !
Join Get Fanged
Hell yes!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

EXTREMLY Curious???!!!

Now first and formost this is not a whine or a bitch post!
This is an give me some ideas post.
Why is it you think people are not more involved on the blog?
We have just eclipsed 5000 visitors that is effing awesome!
Yet we do not have many people posting I want YOUR opinion!
What can we do to make you more involved?
We want to heat what YOU have to say.
This is a family mentality for me and the girls as well
We want you to post we want you to be proud to be a member of The Family!
So help us and let us know how we can get YOU involved!
Sex Satan Sacrifice !!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Just can't help myself!

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