Monday, July 25, 2011


Hey Crue!
I wanted to come explain something that has some people confused and well that is my fault.
My writing is very very fragmented and non linear i hit the paper like a sledgehammer and while i write i do not stop for periods commas caps lock and grammar forget about it!!
and let me tell you something right now the wonderful people who edit my work should bee hailed as genius because it is a nightmare.
The Pitchfork Diaries are being released one story at a time each Monday and they are unedited with maybe a touch of a small edit because my editors hate to send or post them unedited, HOWEVER they are meant to be like this, I wanted the stories to be released what I call Dirty Draft style so you the reader could see exactly what it looked like before those edit button pushing bastards........ i mean beautiful lovely ladies lolol got their hands on it! It is supposed to be ugly and hard to read its chaos literally its supposed to boggle your mind ass it does everyone else you are supposed to say this is hard as hell to read because that's how it fires off in my brain!
Now when the actual release of The Pitchfork Diaries comes out everything will be neatly edited, This is why buying the dollar versions of the story is so important and cool once they sell out they are gone forever!!
 So pick em up and dont mind the mispelled words or triple letters in onnnnnne word lolol its meant to be real and real is what you get!
Have a Sick day!
Sex Satan Sacrifice

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