Sunday, July 10, 2011

Scarecrow and news

Hey Crüe,
Sales of my short story The Scarecrow's Lament are going well!
Thank you if you have already picked your copy up and if not, what are you waiting for?!
It looks like we are going to be releasing a new short story once a week on Monday's. Each will be for-sale in the same formats as Scarecrow; signed/unsigned/personalized/script paper signed, etc. Also, as we build a library of stories we will be releasing package deals and special editions! All building up of course to the first volume of The Pitchfork Diaries!
Don't take your eye off of the release of the first book in The Family of Dog series; Family of Dog: The Harvest, which will be coming out the Fall/Winter of 2011.
Trust me when I say that the short stories are just the tip of the iceberg; this book series will blow your head completely off!
Tell everyone just $1 gets you amazing and new, beyond the boundaries horror each week!
You all kick mega butt!

Super elastic devil plastic,


  1. This morning I read the Scarecrow Lament. Holy Fuck, It changes your look at the World. It's a Sick, Twisted, Fucked story... Which I know for sure could've actually been a True Story.
    Well done Jake. We readers want to read more of these Sick,Twisted stories

    Many Satanic greetz,


  2. Ron my man thanks for the kind words and I'd like to introduce you to everyone!
    This is Ron the Holland Devil he is been following us since day one and actually wrote a price that will be included in "Return to Sender"!
    And good news we will have a brand new short story up each Monday!
    Coming up next is .......Stacy what's next?

  3. LOL J.S.B ;-)

    Well, I'm on top of you (pun intended) with the short stories so it's all about the "Family of Dog: The Harvest" by J.S. Bannerman. We'll be offering a special pre-release eBook sale price within the next month or so.

    P.S. If you are a pre-release eBook buyer and a blog & Twitter follower (proof required) when the eBook is released, you'll be entered into a freakin' fantastic contest for book swag, Family of Dog Gear and some other nifty stuff! --- more details coming soon...

    Ladies & Gents. - Check out Chapter 1 from Family of Dog: The Harvest by J.S. Bannerman for FREE at:

    It's gonna' rock your world! ;-)