Saturday, July 16, 2011

They like me they really like me!

Hey Crüe!
Ok some of you have been around since like day one!
Rox,Ron,rosebomb,my kulta Maria and more if I forget someone sue Stacy she controls my brain lol!
But I have to tell you and this is VERY IMPORTANT! I am having to cut back on being as personable because of safety reasons.
I love all of you I really do we all have a real friendship and I will never ever forget you
However I have had to change my phone number and some of you know I travel back and forth from conneticut to Oklahoma and it is getting harder to keep time with all that is going on.
So check it out
I will answer ALL of your emails to
I swear I will never ignore anybody who emails things have just gotten out of hand with emails
In the hundreds a day and the book is not even out yet!
I'm not used to having "fans" and many of you are my friends please know that will never change it just might take me a day or two to get back to you.
Maria you are still my model for The Reich Ron the prayer is still going to be used and rox what can I say? You are invaluable love you and your husband thanks to both of you!
Molly you are my new friend!
We have a long way to go!
Blessed are the sick,

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