Thursday, July 28, 2011

Random Questions and Answers pt.2

More questions and answers

1.What do you look like?
That is a question in almost every email!
And I'm happy to announce that I recently took my author photo and it will be released this Halloween on The Pitchfork Diaries

2.Where do you get your inspiration ?
Also a common question, honestly it just comes from the world war death corruption greed etc
But that makes me sound so dark. I really am a very fun guy I have a degree in broadcast communications from Seaton Hall and promise I will release my comedy book
"Super elastic Devil Plastic" before I die ;)
I've been told I am like Bill Hicks meets George Carlin both of whom I love!
I am a quiet person but I love to entertain I just happen to hate god. Lolol

3. What is your favorite food?
I'm not sure what this has to do with writing but ok I'll play along
Lasagna is my absolute favorite followed closely by spaghetti and in a tight 3rd place
Coneys!! I love hot dogs real nathans dogs with chili mustard and kraut!
But wait there is more! Be the first caller.... Wait what?
I also love cereal omg it's good any hour of the day and it's all really good!
When is the last time you said man this cereal sucks?!?!?!
How about never! Cereal is like blow jobs some are better than others but they all rule!
If you have ever been disappointed by a blow job you are gay case closed.

4.What kind of computer and software do you use?
I have a Sony viao and I use open office for drafting and Microsoft word and PDF for finals.
Though I really want to go exclusive with Apple I want a MacBook and an iPad reallly bad so if you love me...... Yea

5.Is it true you write at a pub?
Yes it is sit in a corner booth with my headphones on and watch the stupidity around me lol I drink coffee and tea the staff knows me and they are all really good people.

6. Are all of your books going to be The Family of Dog series?
No. Just the first 3 they all tie in together but stand alone if that is possible
Each of the books is it's own book
Harvest is just creepy blow your mind blasphemy horror
Return to Sender is more of a mystery erotic thriller with flashes of satanic horror
The Reich is a world war 2 story wrapping up the books with an ending that will blow your mind
It is a dark desolate read
I have 7 other books in the works however none of them will be related to The Family of Dog series, though they remain dark theological horror with erotica

Ok hope you enjoy!
Sex Satan Sacrifice !

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