Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finally Finished!!

Hey Crue!
6 months later after typing the first letter The Harvest is finally finished!
Now I have been done writing for some time and now Bailey has finished her amazing touches
And I read the entire book last night and WOW it's amazing!
Now just one last step the final edit over in England and we have ourselves a ballgame!
So it looks like this for the time being
August: continue to add to The Pitchfork Diaries
September : Finish Pitchfork do art and formats along with edits
October : Launch press for Putchfork new blog for Pitchfork
November: Launch press for The Harvest massive media blitz lots of interviews yay !!
December : Release of Harvest
Somewhere amongst all of that is a kick ass surprise I cannot give details on yet
But it is HUGE and I cannot wait to tell you!
So we will be releasing a limited amount of review copies of the book
I'm really excited everyone!
We are so close to kicking the world in the teeth!
Thank all of you sooooo much and stick with me because we are just on book number one!
Sex Satan Sacrifice!

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