Friday, July 15, 2011

Latest Press Release!!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Connecticut, USA - July 14, 2011

Contact for all Media, Literary & Press Inquiries:

Ms. Stacy Diablo

Family of Dog & The Goat Franchise™ Publicist/Press Agent


"Asking Questions And Getting Answers --- The Hard Way!”, The Goat Franchise Announces the upcoming release of Book 1, Family of Dog: The Harvest by J.S. Bannerman in the Fall/Winter of 2011!

About “Family of Dog: The Harvest”

Whatever happened to Lucifer and why was he the bad guy? One of the most troubling plagues that mankind has suffered from throughout history is complacency. It is more damaging than polio, more putrid than the Bubonic Plague and more rampant than influenza; and it is getting worse. Our children are indoctrinated into the church of 'don't ask and don’t tell' from the age of two but unlike polio, this plague, this viral complacency is very quickly and easily cured. QUESTIONS! Questions are important; this Orwellian 'ignorance is knowledge' crusade must end. Instead of relying on a television to inform us, we need to get our minds a little dirty and discover what we REALLY need, not what we are told that we need. Some will argue that the times have changed and we have progressed alongside of the technological advancements, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Step aside you pushovers and naysayers; there’s a new Dog in town!

About the Author, J.S. Bannerman

Born and raised in the North-Eastern United States, J.S. Bannerman currently resides in the country, outside of Connecticut with his German Shepard, Victor. The author makes frequent, gas-guzzling trips to Oklahoma City where he is adding the finishing touches to the “Family of Dog: The Harvest” manuscript. Rumoured to have a Canadian mistress, J.S. Bannerman is an avid collector of Nazi memorabilia, porn and naked, female-fan photos; when he’s not driving, writing or taking his dog for a walk, he’s usually sleeping. The author plans to write each book in the FOD series, in a different American City or Town; with the throw of a dart, he just might be sitting and writing in a bar near you. For the most up-to-date information on the “Family of Dog” Series, the Short Stories and all things J.S. Bannerman, please visit the “Family of Dog” blog at:

About The Goat Franchise™

The Goat Franchise™ is made up of a small group of intelligent, free-thinking individuals who ask a lot of questions and don’t take no for an answer. The Goat Franchise™ stands for freedom of thought and it promotes and supports all creative works by J.S. Bannerman.


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