Saturday, September 24, 2011

Not for sympathy! Just an explanation. I will kick cancers ass!

An explanation: 14 years ago I was told I have a rare form of leukemia a slow degenerate form of blood cancer that effects my joints (psoriatic arthritis ) as well as caused blockage in my veins due to the effects on my livers ability to properly filter.
At the time they said I may not make it to 40. This is something I have kept quiet about for a long time.
I am not going to die anytime soon,
However due to the progression of the disease I am going to start chemo.
My writing will not be effected many do not know this but in 8 months I wrote The Harvest,The Pitchfork Diaries and over 30,000 words of Return to Sender and have half of Pitchfork 2 finished AND the beginning of K13 which will come out Halloween 2012. I also have 9 more books in the works! I am not going to let me stop me I promise you. Each time a book sells a % goes to cancer research,
Thanks to everyone who has written in my support and thank all of you who are a part of The Family of Dog/The Goat Franchise!
Blessed are the Sick,

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