Monday, January 2, 2012

Rape the hand that Feeds you

Pitchfork changed the face of horror in a single day, introducing the world to the new face of .

And I'm damn proud to be that face! If you have not read Pitchfork I invite you to dive in with your seatbelt on because it's a bumpy ride!

I am currently working on Pitchfork 2 set for release on St.Patty's day 2012. I'm hoping it will be my launch book for a new publisher.

I continue to get denied by publishers due to the extreme work I release and bad news is I'm only getting warmed up.

I'm working on something right not just for friends and fans nothing I plan on releasing in a big form.

A book called "Rape the Hand that Feeds You" it is a book of every interview/guest post I have ever done as well as a few that we're banned and refused. It will also include never before seen original Pitchfork and Harvest edits and handwritten notes and explanations on things you never knew about.

Lastly I hope you all have a killer new year I have 3 books planned this year and hopefully with a good publisher we can get my books in the right hands! I also have a horror convention in Denver in October ( more details as they develop ) and I'm hoping very much to make a very special appearance in Houston in the summer ( once again secrets secrets).

Call your local book store and library and request my work!

I cannot do this without you!!!!

Black is the new black,


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