Thursday, January 5, 2012

Free horror!

Here go get my latest book release free at coupon code XN96J  I have a feeling best horror book of 2012 is calling my name!
Some people are having trouble opening the docs I am sending so here is a coupon code for, this seems to be the best option so far.
I encourage all of you who download the book to spread it around to everyone you know! This coupon code works for anyone so give it out to everyone on your email list and post it everywhere.
Also if you are enjoying the books I have another book out called The Pitchfork Diaries Vol . 1 that is available on as well as Smashwords !
Also gang I have been handing this out for free because I want to spread the word about my work, but like any writer funds are always needed so if you like the work Autographed copies of the print versions of the books are available Pitchfork for $25 and Harvest for $40
If you are interested in signed copies shoot me an email and I'll get you my PayPal info.
Thanks so much, you are the begenning of the new horror revolution !
Blessed are the sick,


  1. I paid $40 dollars for an autographed (in blood) copy of The Pitchfork Diaries and as of yet, I have not received anything. It's been 3 months since I sent money to you via your website. Communication with you has yielded me nothing. It's a shame that you took my money and have offered me nothing in return.

  2. Whoaaaa wait what?!?! Now I sent 2 copies the last one I overnighted and still have the receipt, I would NEVER ever take anything from anyone I still have your address and I'll drive the damn book there if I have to! Please accept my apologies I thought you had received the book!

  3. I've waited in good faith for the last month and half and still I have not received anything. I have asked for a refund via PayPal, please keep your book because I have no doubt at this point that you never meant to send it.



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