Thursday, November 10, 2011

First Licks...

Everybody ready for their first taste of "Harvest"...

With his words still hanging heavily in the air, he bent down to remove the tattered and flaking head of his wife from the box. The embalmers had worked to the best of their abilities, but regardless of any chemicals that are pumped into it, human flesh will eventually rot and return to dust.

"She is here to face the Lord tonight with all the rest of you! She hath broken the covenant sworn to both God and myself; she carried the seed of sin within her womb! And now – now, she will confess these sins before God and before the world!"

Despite the gruesome sight before their eyes, the crowd cheered and wept. They could not prevent themselves from worshiping the man on the stage as he held up the severed and lifeless head of his once beautiful wife. Gently turning her blank and staring glass eyes towards him, he took a black marker pen and carefully wrote ‘H A R L O T’ on the mummified forehead. He then raised her face and kissed her one last time on the dry sandpaper dead lips before balancing the stump of her neck on the stage so that she could watch the show.

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