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Interview with the Devil!

"16 Sins-The Dark Chambers Interview"

Hi,I'm Trixy Laurin here for 16 Sins-The Dark Chambers Fanzine,and today we're talking with Jake Bannerman,author of the yet to be released controversial book,"FAMILY OF DOG:THE HARVEST" due out in bookstores this fall,and we threw a few random questions to him and got some answers....

TL- So how did the idea of your book"Family of Dog:The Harvest" come out?

JB- It came from a dream about how greedy mankind is I thought what if someone had sold their soul to Satan and sued him for it back?! It kinda snowballed from there into a huge game of what if? And having a Satanic outlook I of course took it way over the top. Let me explain clearly I am NOT a Satanist they have preachers and leaders that is against everything I believe I worship NOTHING any organized "religion" is failure in my eyes.
The Satanic church here in Oklahoma does not support me at all because I questioned their authority they act as if I'm the real enemy,give me a break!

TL- Where do you see the book leading to?

JB- Well in the intro to the book I encourage everyone to question everything ! I want to be the ultimate devils advocate(per say,no pun intended) I hope it leads to a revolution of thought! of course,I hope this will be successful and lead to opening doors for my other projects. I also hope so much it gives people the courage to stand up and say I don't have to believe anything I'm told!

TL- Tell me about the controversy that your book is getting so far...

JB- It's amazing! I have received disapproval from the Christian church the Satanic church and I have had several "friends" who have stopped talking to me completely.My family and friends have questioned my writing but I assured them that this is my writing and its there for people to question themselves and their faith.

TL- What or Who are your influences in books,music,films?

JB- I am an avid reader of anything music it could be a book about Aretha Franklins periods I would read it ! Of course Steven King, Ann Rice, Clive Barker ya know the usual suspects.One my favorite movies ever is American Beauty,I loved the ending,that's the type of shock that's needed in real horror.
Music is Huge to me and I love anything that takes me somewhere I don't label music if it takes me somewhere I'm in I love darkthrone but I also love dashboard confessional if it moves me I'm in! I welcome all kinds of music for my book.

TL- With this being the first of a multi-book series,will there be more controversy?

JB- If you read my Blog Http:// ,you'll see that this is not for the shy and retiring soul,it's full on,"hit you between the eyes,make you get on your knees and pray" type of writing that only the truly daring reader will take on and buckle in,it's going to be quite the ride.Let's just say there's gonna be a few real eye opening  and jaw dropping moments.

TL- What can we expect from the other books in the series?

JB- A ton of jaw dropping  things the 18th person in the lawsuit who and how the worlds biggest secrets are tied to the war against mankind the third book the goes on an exploration of the indoctrination of children into churches.There will be so much controversy,you won't want to put the book down,I have so much going on in the next books that you the reader,will want to take the journey with me til the very end! I know you will be very intrigued with each book as they come out.

TL- In simple explanation,describe your book (without giving away too much)

JB- The Harvest is about 18 people who sue Satan and Satan sues god in the process imagine Satan on earth being sued! It lays the groundwork for the first 3 books the insanity does not stop it will take you to places you feared to go,and it will even make you question whats right and wrong!

TL- It's been rumored that this might go into film,is that a possibility?

JB- Absolutely I would love that!I'm encouraging any enterprising directors to take on this challenge of bringing my books to film,it would be great to see it happen,we shall see...

TL- I also heard you were looking for musicians for a soundtrack?Anybody take you on for it yet?

JB- This is a great example of how dangerous this project is! I really wanted to do as many never had been done before things as possible like the YouTube trailers as puzzle prices not just a trailer but several trailers all with a different life of their own , so one of the ideas was let's get bands to read a chapter of the book and write a song based on that chapter 30 chapters 30 bands all genres all styles it would have been groundbreaking!There were many inquiries by various bands,but because my book is so controversial,the fear took over,I still encourage any bands to take on this project.Again,this isn't for the weak of heart,it's a "balls to the wall" book/ potential film,and I could use the very best or those who dare and not fear the controversy.

TL- What other projects do you have in the works?

JB- The 7 books and I really want to put together a staff of people I want a street team a publicist an art team I want an army. I hope to actually incorporate(what I call) The Goat Franchise.We will be eventually doing the audio book versions of my books,it's going to be wicked!
I'm currently gathering staff(all inquiries email me for details/requirements) to help me further the development of this project and make into a solid team of professionals that will run things like clockwork towards success of the books and beyond-join me if you dare.... :)

TL- Here's your chance to speak to the fans,what would you like to say?

JB- If I could speak to you all in person,I would say,"question everything,especially religion,dare to tear apart the the stories and seek the truth,dare to stand up against the normal and not just be a reader".Don't be afraid to take the bull by the horns,take it all head on....
Thank all of you so much - get ready for a wild ride!

The book is scheduled for fall of 2011 on night publishing but until then we have autographed pages of the book audio CDs and t shirts and all kinds of great merchandise!
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Til next we meet,
Jake B

Many thanks to Jake Bannerman and his staff for giving us this interview,we wish him success on his book,check him out as soon as possible,Thank you readers! Trixy Laurin ♥♥♥

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