Saturday, April 30, 2011

Now hiring YOU!!

Hey everyone! We are really trying to do all of this a new way we want bands to do songs for the soundtrack so if you know a band tell them we need them! All styles of music welcome! Also we want you involved want to run our fan club? Want to handle the soundtrack want to help find undiscovered artist to do art for the book? Well just email and ask how you can be in on the book that will change the world!we want all of you to help look we are not rich and cannily pay you but we do offer you the chance to REALLY be a part of this we want this to be groundbreaking with the people pushing the book not some high dollar press agent who wants $2500 a month fuck that we want the proletariat who believe!
We have alot of great ideas in store and six yes six books in this series so join the family be part of this for real!
Now let's see some effin emails!

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